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Hi, my name is Odair Faléco, I'm UX Designer and also creator and writer at Coletivo UX

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Talk at Interaction South America 2017


Digital Frustrations :(

Ever felt frustrated while using an app or while using a service? My job is to do everything possible so that it does not happen!

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I'm specialized in user interface design and user experience.

I work to make the experience positive at all points of contact

UI = User Interface

The interface is bridge by which experience can happen, it has great importance because it is the "palpable" part of an experience that, for the most part, is subjective. 

UX = User Experience

The user experience is directly related to the way the user feels and what decisions he or she makes while interacting with a brand, product, or service. 

Design + Psychology + Innovation

Listen to people, observe their behavior, their language, their reactions, their choices, what motivates them, what their needs are - so that it is possible to design relevant solutions.



- Interviews + Talks
- Listening + Understanding
- Observation + Empaty 
- Discoveries



- Needs
- Motivations
- Desires
- Frustrations



- Concepts + Possibilities
- Personas + User Journeys
- Interfaces + Flows
- Prototypes + Experiences



- User Testing
- Feedback + Ajustments
- Deliverables + Improvements  
- Go back to square 1 : )


See below some of my main projects

play and learn

Learn playing

"Play and Learn" is an educational game in augmented reality aimed at teaching English for brazilian kids in a playful and fun way :)

Today's children have been born digital, this is a fact that directly impacts teaching and learning methods. How to attract the attention of the little ones?

To answer the question that appears on the screen, the player must point the corresponding card to the camera of his device, which will indicate, through a 3d animation in augmented reality, if he hit or missed. 

play and learn VIDEO

Technology, fun and education, together.

Watch the video (gameplay)

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equals fintech app

Transform complexity in productivity

This is the mission of Equals , B2B fintech leader in the management and reconciliation of sales with cards

The challenge of this project was to understand and bring together in a clear and visual way the main visions that the financial manager of a company must have when it is outside the desktop platform.

Financial Management of big companies made on a smart way

The result was a Dashboard containing the main views and summaries of sales, ticket and average installment. Cash Flow with entries and exits, as well as Notifications about the main financial events

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Much more than a

The dictionary is an indispensable tool, but being bound to paper limits your possibilities of use and learning.


Explore through the digital medium all the possibilities and resources that a paper dictionary can not offer, besides seeking to increase the productivity of the Spanish-speaking students who use the Santillana Dictionary.


App iOs | Android | Desktop
- Smart and Optimized search
- Pronunciation Audios
- Image Galleries & Vocabulary
- Thematic Videos
- FAV words & Share words
- "Word of the Day" feature, where student learn a new word everytime he open the app

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The Landmark Dictionary
Ui Ux
Design On | Divisórias
Ui Ux
site Equals
Website Equals
Ui Ux
site equals
Ventanita - Santillana Spañol
Ui Ux

Odair Faléco

Ux Designer / Product Designer

I have been a designer for over 11 years, I have been in the Fintech industry, Editorial, Agencies, as well as working as a freelance designer in several projects. Music and Photography are also my passions.

I study philosophy, psychology, and human behavior; I always try to integrate this knowledge into the design process. I also write articles on the subject on Coletivo UX.

I work to make this world a more beautiful, efficient and functional place, my tool is the design.

Some articles that i wrote about User Experience on Coletivo UX

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UX Design & Psychoanalysis
Would freud be a good ux designer?
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30 MAR 2017
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more conscious interactions?
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23 JUL 2017
UX and the 道 Tao
What UX have similar to Taoism?
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Let's talk ?

If you want to budget a project or know more just send me an email or invite me to have a coffee :)

☎ +55 (11) 98130 - 4901